In season

March 22

In now: Chestnuts are falling and ready for collecting at Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine. You can also find them in shops.

At their best: Granny Smith apples are tart early in the season, and sweeter later,  so now is the time to cook them into pies and crumbles, and to eat them fresh if you like fruit with attitude. Buy just-picked fruit from Bilpin orchard farm gates this weekend.

Best buy: Hot weather has been speeding growth of Asian vegetables and growing bargains.

In the vegie patch: Citrus leaf miner is twisting new foliage on citrus. Once the damage is visible, the pest has gone, but further incursions can be prevented by spraying regularly with Eco-oil. The moth whose larvae do the damage won’t lay eggs on an oily surface.

What else:

  • don’t waste fig season – use them with everything from salad to dessert
  • the black muscatels and crimson seedless are the tastiest grapes late in the season
  • farewell Australian asparagus. It’s all imported from now til September. Feel free to disregard those chefs who are always banging on about using local seasonal produce and who still have asparagus on their menus!
  • ooh, Harris Farm Markets has fantastic Tasmanian-grown garlic.

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