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February 9

In now: Our major early-season pear is Williams, which ripens quickly so should be bought green and watched closely. Silvana is a new addition to the early-season roster. It has a red blush over green-gold skin, creamy flesh with a good sweet-acid balance.

At their best: The first commercially grown apple of the new year is Royal Gala. It’s a sweeter and juicier sport of the original Gala apple, found in New Zealand and introduced in 1934.

Hard to find: A shortage of hass avocadoes has lifted prices, but the creamy reed is a great alternative. This is a big fat avo with a great nutty flavour.

In the vegie patch: Celebrate the tomato harvest by making your own ketchup or passata.

What else:

  • the locally grown apricots are finishing, and the harvest now shifts to New Zealand
  • pretty speckled borlotti beans can be hunted down
  • late summer is peak season for NSW grown rockmelons which like to ripen over a long hot summer.
  • it’s a late start to the achacha season, but they’re on now



One thought on “February 9

  1. Natalie Filatoff says:

    Wondered why I never seem to get good William pears. Must’ve got ’em after the turn. Must be more mindful and maybe the whole family can come out from undermy blanket ban on Williams. Thanks for the tip, Rob!

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