In season

February 23

In now: In early summer figs produce a crop on last year’s wood, called the breba crop. The fruit is big and looks great, but isn’t as tasty as the second, smaller-fruited crop, which grows on new wood and is harvested now.

At their best: Late-season peaches are delicious.

Best buy: Limes are so cheap, it’s time for Asian salads, Mexican salsas, lime sorbets and margarita slushies. Freeze some juice to use when the plenty passes.

In the vegie patch: Citrus leaf miner is on the attack. Trim off damaged foliage and spray the top and underside of leaves with Eco Oil.

What else:

  • Try a snake bean salad of beans cut into finger-joint lengths, blanched, cooled, and mixed with chopped ripe tomatoes, chunks of cucumber, red onion soaked in hot water to take some of the bite out, chopped, de-seeded semi-dried black olives, all dressed with lemon and olive oil and topped with dollops of goats curd.
  • How good are those tart new season Jonathan apples!
  • Pumpkin prices are heading south.
  • grape season is in full swing.

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