In season

February 2

In now: Figs are one of our oldest cultivated fruits. From their home in southwestern Asia they were traded and shared to become treasured in Egypt, Persia and Greece just as those ancient civilisations were taking off. They’re at their luscious best now.

At their best: Limes are the first citrus of the new season and are about to become abundant.

Best buy: Valencia oranges are juicy and sweet. Don’t be put off by green skin, that’s the fruit’s defence against sunburn.

In the vegie patch: Sow kohlrabi seeds direct where you want them to grow, into soil with added mushroom compost. Harvest in around 50 days.

What else:

  • plenty of different melons to try
  • good time to make tomato sauce with roma tomatoes at bargain prices
  • Sydney-grown eggplants are at their peak
  • buy snake beans that feel form not foamy



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