In season

January 26


In now: Look for bananas from northern NSW. Smaller, and ripened over a longer period than the Queensland mega-bananas, they have intense sweet flavour.

At their best: Sydney-grown sweetcorn is bursting with juicy sweetness.

Best buy: Grey zucchini aren’t grey at all but a lovely mottled pale green. Shorter and stumpier than the familiar dark green, they also have denser, more flavoursome flesh. Perfect grilled in salads.

In the vegie patch: Sow or plant another tripod of cucumber to provide crunchy salads through autumn. They like rich soil so add chicken manure and compost to the area first.

What else:

  • all of last year’s apples are on sale as the new harvest starts.  Well-stored sundowners will still be crisp. This early in the season the only fresh commercially-grown apple is royal gala. To find other varieties head to the orchards.
  • if you’re indulging  in figs, store them in the fridge only if you need to keep them. Bring them back to room temperature before eating.
  • look out for the big round Reed avocado which has only a brief season.
  • buy some cheap pineapple to cook up a spicy, gingery pineapple chutney.



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