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January 12

In now: The peak Australian asparagus season is in spring, but there is a smaller summer harvest on now. Supplies are limited so imports fill the gaps. Shop carefully if you care about food miles.

Pick your own: Early apples are ready for picking at Bilpin. Pine Crest Orchard has richly flavoured Tydeman’s Early and sweet Akane, as well as yellow and white peaches at their best and Narrabeen plums.

Best buy: Jam makers can find bargain strawberries.

In the vegie patch: Soak beetroot seeds overnight before sowing. Use the thinned seedlings in salads and harvest mature roots in about 10 weeks.

What else:

  • the pale green speckled little zucchinis sold as grey zucchini have a denser flesh than the usual dark green model, making for a richer flavour
  • you might find cherry plums in some specialty greengrocers. They are a cross between a cherry and a plum with purple skin and yellow flesh. This is the first harvest from trees growing in Victoria so supplies are small. You’ll find them sold in 1kg punnets.
  • now is also the time to splurge on big fat Tasmanian cherries
  • horrified at the price of green beans? Switch to snake beans for the next few months

One thought on “January 12

  1. Libby Cameron says:

    Yes! I picked up cherries as big as I have ever seen, and soo succulent, at a service station in Lilydale, Tas. last week..mmmm.mmm…

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