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December 15

In now: Australia has the world’s longest lychee season, from late October to late March. Summer is the peak, reflected in the price. The berries are tastiest when the skin is pink-red and pliable. Store them in the fridge.

At their best: It’s a great year for stone fruit, with nectarines, peaches and apricots all fragrant, sweet and juicy.

Best buy: Kumara is a summer-time bargain. For a holiday beer snack, try sweet potato crisps fried in coconut oil.

In the vegie patch: Construct some shade to protect soft veg on very hot days. Sling netting over a frame, or set up the beach umbrella.

What else:

  • there are white cherries briefly available, as well as all kinds of red ones
  • red currants will be around until the New Year
  • stock up on mint to freshen Christmas salads – and cocktails
  • this is my last list for the year. Eat well and see you back here in 2016.




2 thoughts on “December 15

  1. John Hyslop says:

    SMH 12/13 Dec. “A taste of times past” – fate of the backyard peach

    My theory is that it was the fruit fly which deterred stone fruit growing in Sydney. Just a childhood memory from late ’40s / early ’50s

    • Robin Powell says:

      A couple of people have put this theory to me John. Certainly fruit fly is a pain in the neck, but if it was fruit fly that put gardeners off peaches, why have we persisted with tomatoes?

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