In season

December 1

In now: Passionfruit dehydrate at room temperature so are best stored in a plastic bag in the fridge where they’ll stay juicy for a month.

Pick your own: Primarily a blueberry grower, Clyde River Berry Farm also grows strawberries and blackberries and is open daily for pick your own through December and January. Add a visit to south coast holiday plans.

Best buy: It’s peak mango season, with Kensington Prides coming from Katherine, Bowen, Townsville and Mareeba. Buy a tray.

In the vegie patch: Plant rainbow chard for its heat-hardy, easy-grow qualities, and its good looks.

What else:

  • we have reached Peak Asparagus, it’s all downhill from here until next September
  • the broad beans are finished; those still hanging around won’t be worth the effort
  • the navel oranges are almost gone; next it will be the juicier but less tasty valencias
  • just back from Portugal, where good quality fresh produce was dismayingly elusive. My don’t we eat well!

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