In season

November 24

In now: Young is the heart of the NSW cherry industry, and the region is expecting a great crop after a cold winter. It’s best-known for ’Ron’ a big dark-red cherry with firm sweet flesh, named for the son of the man who developed it in the 1920s.

At their best: Australian grapes shift the Californian imports off this shelves this month.

Best buy: Cos lettuce is a sturdy green that will take a hefty dressing: blue cheese and walnuts; or anchovy mixed through yoghurt or buttermilk.

In the vegie patch: Keep tomato plants pristine by picking off and binning any brown lower leaves.

What else:

  • lots of Sydney-grown basil spells the start of pesto season
  • for the best luck in peaches, choose those that show skin turning from green to gold at the stem end.
  • white cabbage is a bargain – find a new coleslaw recipe
  • bunches of full-grown spinach are good value

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