In season

November 17

In now: The blackberry and its offspring, the loganberry, dewberry, youngberry and boysenberry, all come into season in late spring when local Sydney strawberries are in fine form and red currants are juicy and tart. Let them all mix and mingle and ooze a little with a sprinkling of sugar before pouring over whipped cream and meringue.

At their best: Honey gold mangoes are firmer-fleshed than Kensington Prides, with a narrower seed and less fibrous flesh. Fans don’t mind that they are also pricier.

Best buy: Spring growth on parsley is soft and tasty. Make it the star of a salad.

In the vegie patch: Hang out fruit fly traps around tomato plants to catch male fruit fly. Follow up with Yates Fruit fly Control or Eco Naturalure.

What else:

  • white and yellow nectarines are good, eaten firm or soft and juicy
  • there is usually white asparagus available briefly at this time of year, but the Australian crop failed this year, so it’s all green, with a little bit of purple.
  • plenty of locally grown snowpeas
  • put some mushroom flats on the barbcue

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