In season

October 6

In now: Modi is an Italian apple bred for crisp, sweet flesh and excellent storage potential. The first Australian harvest, from the Goulburn Valley, has been held back until now to entice apple-eaters bored of the usual lineup. Find fruit at Coles.

Hold off: Peaches are in store, but flavourful, juicy flesh is still a while away.

Best buy: Yellow wax beans taste like a stringless green bean but that luscious colour meets human suggestibility to give a buttery hint to the flavour.

In the vegie patch: New growth on citrus is vulnerable to aphid attack. Look for little green or black sap-suckers and squash them.

What else:

  • make the most of Jerusalem artichokes, only at their best til the end of the month
  • broccolini is a broccoli/gai lain cross and it’s very good right now
  • lemons and limes are in their scarce phase. Did you freeze some juice when they were cheap? Or are you cursing now?
  • watercress and other leafy greens love the warm spring weahter

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