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October 27

In now: It’s all about the berries – blueberries from the north coast, strawberries from the Sydney region and from WA, and plenty of local mulberries.

At their best: It’s the high point of the asparagus season, Save the snapped-off ends and turn them into asparagus stock for a future risotto.

Best buy: Try Jerusalem artichokes shaved raw into a salad with celery, apple and mixed leaves.

In the vegie patch: The little green caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly are the scourge of the brassica bed. Exclusion is the best policy. Suspend net over the growing plants.

What else:

  • machine-picked green beans are a bargain if you’re buying to use soon, but they won’t store as long as hand-picked
  • take your pick of kale colours
  • custard apple season is nearly finished
  • fennel is great value for a bit longer, but will soon go to seed

***Exciting news!
I’m leading a garden tour of Holland and Belgium next spring with Viking cruises. We’ll enjoy the ease and comfort of a river cruise, (love that unpack once thing!) with plenty of great garden moments at the height of tulip season. It will be just a small group and we’ll have a ball. Read the full itinerary on the brochure here.
Spring blooms with Robin Powell


2 thoughts on “October 27

  1. Robin Powell says:

    I reckon that machine-picked beans are slightly damaged by the process, and that damage speeds decay. I also find that machine-picked are often sold pre-bagged in plastic so they sweat and that doesn’t help.

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