In season

May 12

In now: The Australian kiwifruit season is short. Indulge now in gold and green varieties.

At its best: The flavour in persimmons builds as the difference between night and day time temperatures increases. Try a salad of sliced crisp persimmon with fennel and black olives.

Best buy: Jerusalem artichokes are harvested once the daisy-like flowers die down. They are in peak season now. They oxidise fast when peeled or chopped so if you need them pale, drop immediately into acidulated water.

In the vegie patch: Collect fallen leaves to add to the compost and balance the green material provided by kitchen scraps and garden clippings.

What else:

  • Chokos are often around in autumn in limited supply, unless you know someone who still has them in their garden. The traditional way to enjoy their very mild flavour  is to steam them in slices then drench them in butter and pepper.
  • Citrus are back on the breakfast menu – choose oranges or grapefruit.
  • Beetroot are a good buy. Roast, boil, or pickle.
  • Put some quince in a bowl to scent the kitchen.




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