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March 31

In now: The green-skinned shepard avocadoes are only briefly available. The flesh of green-skinned avocadoes doesn’t brown when cut as quickly as the black-skinned varieties.

At its best: Watercress spices up as nights get cooler. At the moment it’s still in its mild phase, perfect as a bed for grilled figs and roasted walnuts.

Best buy: Green olives ready for pickling are available by the box. Can’t find them? Travel to a suburb with Italian, Greek or Middle Eastern heritage.

In the vegie patch: Prepare the pea patch with plenty of organic matter and a handful of lime. Sow seed in a fortnight into damp soil.

What else:

  • pomegranates are brilliant
  • fans of the original persimmon will find plenty this week. Leave to soften completely,then scoop out the jellied flesh with a spoon
  • the pink lady apples are ripe, adding to a fresh-picked list that includes fuji, granny, bonza, delicious, greenstar and kanzi
  • the US mandarins are manky and the local fruit has been picked too soon and is mouth-puckeringly tart. Hold on; the good stuff is not far off.



2 thoughts on “March 31

  1. Kate Crocket says:

    Thought you might be interested to know that the Growing Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne are holding their Autumn sale in April. We propagate plants from cuttings taken from Garden plants so often have rare or unusual species available. Sale is over 2 days, 18th and 19th April, and we raise a good amount for the benefit of the RBG. Sale is on 10am -3pm. Enter Gardens at Gate E.

    • Robin Powell says:

      Thanks for the info Kate. I’m a big fan of the RBG Sydney Growing Friends; a great place to nab hard-to-find but easy-to-grow plants.

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