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March 3

In now: Pine mushrooms are popping up in the forests around Sydney. Supply is inconsistent and weather-dependent, so buy them if you see them.

At their best: Passionfruit are available all year but we’re in currently in a purple patch. Expect good prices for the next few months if the warm weather holds up north.

Best buy: Machine-picked green beans are a bargain. They don’t last as long as hand-picked so buy with a menu in mind.

In the vegie patch: Get busy harvesting summer produce and preserving or sharing the spoils. Winter veg will need to go in soon.

What else:

  • wet weather is causing the figs to split so they last even less well than usual. If rot threatens, get out the jam jars, quick.
  • prickly pears require a commitment, but if you fancy an experiment, have a look at the colonial-era prickly pear jelly Jacqui Newling found.
  • snake beans are still great value
  • the new season custard apples are starting to arrive



2 thoughts on “March 3

  1. Sylvia Dimes says:

    I googled “odontonema” mentioned in “Blooms with a view” smh Feb 29-Mar 1. Dave’s Garden website gives a common name I think is very appropriate: Fire Spike. It’s flowering under trees in our garden as I write. Trouble free plant.

    • Robin Powell says:

      Thanks Sylvia. Perhaps that’s an American common name? The only one I’ve heard is red justicia, which is a bit dull. Fire spike is definitely better.

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