In season

February 17

In now: Fingerlimes are picked from January to early winter, but now is peak season. Different varieties have different coloured vesicles, but all have a citrus bite. Use in sweet and savoury salads or sprinkle over sashimi ocean trout.

At its best: Pumpkins that grew over summer are now great eating. The best buys are in whole fruit.

Best buy: Figs don’t ripen once they are picked and don’t store well either, so buy soft fruit to eat soon. Check for local fig farm gate sales.

In the vegie patch: Pick pumpkins with stem attached to prevent rot. Store somewhere dry and airy.

What else:

  • I read today that cauliflower is the new kale. I’m not sure what that means – cauliflower smoothies coming to a cafe near you? To my way of thinking cauli is way more versatile than kale. My go-to – toss florets in olive oil and a sprinkle of Murray River salt and roast to just this side of burnt. You won’t believe how delicious this is.
  • are you enjoying the childhood flashback of the Golden Queen peaches? They taste like canned peaches, but better cause they’re fresh.
  • lots of USA pomegranates in stores. The locals are still a few weeks away.
  • it’s pesto season with plenty of big juicy leaves in garden beds, pots and shops.

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