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January 13

In now: Australian garlic is not as white as imported garlic. That’s a good thing; a sign it hasn’t been treated with bleach or other chemicals on its way from the fields to our plates.

 At its best: Tasmanian cherry farmers grow mostly late-season varieties to capitalise on their already late season and get the new year cherry market to themselves. Cherry lovers suffer the high prices because the flavour is sensational.

Best buy: Fresh snake beans don’t snap like a green bean but cook up firm and tasty.

In the vegie patch: Plant more basil and parsley wherever there is space. You need a lot of parsley to regularly make tabouli!

What else:

  • a chilled lychee is a beautiful thing
  • the yellow-fleshed peaches have had a great season
  • Australian grapes have been pricey or hard to come by, but stocks should improve now
  • speaking of grapes, sweet bunches of red currant grapes are briefly available



2 thoughts on “January 13

  1. Many thanks for your shout out in the recent Sydney Morning Herald. I was in Sydney recently and your name was spoken in glowing terms by Janelle Hatherly who I believe you know
    fondest regards

  2. Maggie Summerhayes says:

    If you send us your email address I will send you a photo of our beautiful, organic, local garlic which is naturally white and not bleached. Some consumers also think that if the roots are cut off, the garlic must be “from China” because a NZ food writer published that misconception. Thank you!

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