In season

December 2

In now: Apricots are in season until January. If the texture disappoints when eaten fresh, grill, roast or stew them.

At its best: Only a few weeks left to enjoy asparagus at great prices. The plants need to build energy over the summer so the spears are left to grow into ferns and photosynthesise like crazy before they die down in winter.  Because of the lower supply, some growers keep some plants producing spears to take advantage of the higher prices. These pricer spears are available until March. Expect imports to take up the slack.

Best buy: Loose beetroot is a thrifty buy. Bunches of the gold and orange varieties are more expensive.

In the vegie patch: It’s hard to believe but if you want Brussels sprouts next winter, you need to sow them before Christmas.

What else:

  • flat beans, usually called Roman beans, are around. They want a bit more time in the pot than regular green beans
  • pink-speckled borlotti beans are also available. So pretty raw, they sadly lose that pink splotch when cooked
  • there are bargains on kale if you feel you haven’t overdone it this year
  • the slim season of white asparagus is in early December. Keep your eyes out if you like this European treat.

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