In season

November 25

In now: The first honey gold mangos will arrive this week from Katherine and Mataranka in the Northern Territory. These are my favourite of all the mangoes so it’s great news that the this season’s harvest is expected to be up a third on last year’s disappointing haul. Mangoes are always best bought by the tray, unmangled by shopper’s squeezing fingers.

At its best: In medieval Belgium a gift of cherries offered the same kind of invitation that might be made now with lacy lingerie. Now that they are so tasty should we bring back the cherry as carnal currency?

Best buy: Pick your own nectarines and peaches this weekend [29 and 30 November] at the Silm family’s Cedar Creek Orchard in Thirlmere. Bookings required, 4681 8457.

In the vegie patch: Pick off and bin brown lower leaves of tomato plants.

What else:

  • still plenty of broad beans around
  • mulberries, blackberries and boysenberries are treats
  • purple asparagus is available for a minute
  • cucumbers are a bargain

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