In season

November 11

In now: After harvest garlic is air-dried to cure it and allow for longer storage. Some growers are selling fresh, juicy, uncured heads now. Buy to use fresh.

Hard to find: Lemons are always in short supply at this time, and imported fruit from the US fills the gap. Savvy growers will have frozen some juice from their own harvest.

Best buy: Mangoes are late this year, but tray prices are finally encouraging.

In the vegie patch: Sweet corn germination can be patchy so sow two seeds to a hole. In case of double success, remove the weaker twin.

What else:

  • try a firm nectarine. It will crunch like an apple and though the juice won’t run down your chin, it still tastes good
  • bad weather has been affecting banana prices; but they are coming good now
  • keep an eye out for raspberries from Victoria
  • Victorian growers save their strawberries for Melbourne Cup celebrations, but once the race is run the fruit starts coming north

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