In season

October 7

In now: Low-chill peaches seduce those of us tiring of apples, pears and citrus. Hold off – the peachiest flavour is months away.

At its best: Around this time of year the secondary shoots of broccoli that grow when the main head is cut are sold as bunch or baby broccoli. This is not the same as broccolini, which is a cross between broccoli and gai lan. Both are delicious, but the broccolini, which is grown under license, is pricier.

Best buy: Asparagus is at its peak for the next few months. If you are stuck for ideas, the asparagus grower’s council has a recipe library.

In the vegie patch: Guard emerging seedlings against snail and slug rampages.

What else:

  • Thomas Jefferson was a fan of the pea and grew more than 30 varieties. We have less choice, but now is the time to indulge – snow, snap or podded?
  • supplies of papaya will start to pick up now. Look for deeply coloured fruit
  • fast-growing boy choy is always a bargain
  • peak production of warm climate raspberries peaks from october to December

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