In season

October 14

In now: The shiny red pomegranates glowing like Christmas are imports from the US. Australian pomegranates will hit the shops next autumn.

At its best: The pea family hits its straps in spring. Choose podded, snap and snowpeas. Try a salad of chilled cooked mixed peas, fresh goats curd and torn mint. I usually dress this salad with a dressing made form melting finely chopped shallots (not spring onions, the little red oft-called ‘French shallots’ in quite a glug of olive oil. Let cool then add champagne or good white wine vinegar. Don’t dress until you are ready to eat because the vinegar turns the peas a dull olive drab.

Best buy: Asian vegetables are quick-growing so are usually cheap. Look for bunches with no yellow leaves. Don’t limit them to Asian dishes. Fry them up in olive oil with sliced garlic and serve with anything.

In the vegie patch: Don’t ditch the coriander when it bolts to seed. Native bees are drawn to coriander flowers and are excellent pollinators for eggplant and tomatoes.

What else:

  • loving fat asparagus grilled on the barbie to to just this side of burnt
  • the garden-fresh new leaves of sage are a good excuse to fry them in butter and toss the mix over poached eggs on toast
  • zucchini flowers will become easier to find over the next few weeks
  • enjoy the blueberries




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