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July 29

In now: Pomelo is a tropical ancestor of grapefruit, but is much less tart. Peel the skin, then peel the membranes from the segments and eat fresh. Alternatively, remove the individual arils from the segments and scatter them over savoury and sweet salads. They are particularly good in Thai salads. Here’s David Thompson’s Rock Lobster and Pomelo Salad.

At its best: Parsnip’s sweet nutty flavour is best when soils are chilled.

Best buy: Swedes are a winter special. Look for roots not much bigger than a tennis ball. Roast, mash with lashings of butter, or cook slowly with lamb shanks.

In the vegie patch: Get a jump-start on tomatoes by sowing seed into a container filled with seed raising mix. Keep indoors somewhere bright and warm. Plant outside as soon as weather is reliably warm.

What else:

  • a Queensland chill has sent banana prices north
  • Honey Murcott mandarins are best of the easy-peels
  • all the pears are lovely
  • tis the season for Jerusalem artichokes




2 thoughts on “July 29

  1. marion syratt says:

    re your article in Spectrum , SMH, sat july 5-6 – Shadows
    Great, i love shadows from trees…..but i disagree with you re the frangipani – i think it makes great shadows leaf & in winter. Also, need to be careful recommending the chinese tallow tree – yes, very pretty, esp in autumn, but it is now on noxious weeds list in some areas. Thanks

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