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July 22

In now: Pretty savoy cabbages are at their sweet best when the weather gets frosty.

At its best: Ruby grapefruit is sweeter than the traditional white Marsh; sugar not required. Ruby grapefruit goes beyond a breakfast wake-up to work in salads and desserts as well.

Best buy: Sweet potato was an early world traveller. By 700 the vegetable had journeyed from its South American home to Polynesia. And when Polynesians settled in New Zealand in the 13th century, they took sweet potatoes with them. They called the vegetable kumera, which is why you can buy it named both sweet potato and kumera. Either way, it’s a delicious winter bargain.

In the vegie patch: Make a rhubarb patch somewhere sunny with deep fertile soil. Plant crowns in winter for harvests come summer.

What else:

  • pomelo is a tropical ancestor of the grapefruit, in season until spring.
  • hunt up parsnips
  • celeriac is at its best
  • there’s plenty of horseradish around for fans of that nose-clearing rush

2 thoughts on “July 22

  1. Robin Powell says:

    Hi Leonie, yams and potatoes come from different plant families, so the only similarity is that they are both starchy vegetables. I think sweet potatoes are much more delicious, though the Nigerians, who grow more yams than anyone else, might disagree. To confuse everyone some North Americans call sweet potatoes yams. Does that help?

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