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July 15

In now: Early blood oranges are being picked in Queensland. The fruit develops its best flavour when the swings between day and night temperatures are big, so the better flavoured fruit arrives later in the season.

At its best: Mid-winter is peak season for passionfruit, that quintessential summer fruit. Choose and use unwrinkled fruit.  The wrinkles are a sign of dehydration. Passionfruit pulp freezes well so keep an eye out for bargains.

Best buy: Roast, sauté or deep fry Brussels sprouts, either halved, quartered or shredded. In Maui a few weeks ago (and isn’t that fun to say!) I had a salad of deep-fried quartered brussels sprouts on soft leaves, with mint and sliced radish. The dressing was ‘burnt orange’.  It was good, but I reckon even better with some orange segments and walnuts or roasted almonds instead of the radish.

In the vegie patch: Buy certified virus-free seed potatoes and put them in egg cartons in a warm dark place to sprout. This is called chitting. Plant out in spring. You can get seed potatoes from Green Harvest.  Get in quick for the pink eyes.

What else:

  • grab a clementine if you can find one, they’re a delicious cross between mandarin and orange
  • custard apples are still plentiful
  • quince is still at its peak
  • the pretty savoy cabbage is at its best



One thought on “July 15

  1. I saw your article about the Cassia Rainbow shower trees in last Saturdays SMH and wondered if this was the tree I was recently trying to find out about

    There are 4 , maybe 6 very similar looking in 2 groups along Henry Parry Drive, Gosford. NSW ( hardly tropical but …… )
    Gosford Council advised these are Koelreuteria paniculata trees
    Am not saying this is incorrect but I would like to be sure.

    Have a couple of photos I took that I could send

    2 of these trees are in a small park and were quite eye catching when in flower ………. Looked like small jacarandas with apricot coloured flower.


    Marg Morters
    NSW Central Coast

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