In season

June 24

In now: Great flavour in Queensland strawberries; prices will improve as the season continues.
At its best: Cara cara oranges are red-fleshed navels that originated in South America. Not blood oranges, but tasty nonetheless.
Best buy: Glossy red capsicums from Bundaberg are great value all through winter. The yellow ones are a bit pricier, but together they make a handsome pair.
In the vegie patch: Harvesting Jerusalem artichokes? If not, dedicate a sunny patch, and plant a few. They’ll grow into tall plants with yellow daisy flowers in summer. Harvest when the foliage dies down. Take care though, these tubers have the potential to get out of hand so ensure you have space they can call their own.

What else:

  • sweet potato is a bargain and works for savoury or sweet dishes. For dessert, roast, serve with whipped cream and maple syrup, roasted nuts optional.
  • jicama, also called yam bean, looks like a spinning top. It has a flavour like water chestnut, that is to say, not much flavour but a good crunch.
  • new season mussels are my favourite because they are not yet bigger than a delicate mouthful. Try vac-packed Kinkawooka.
  • fresh ginger is available, though you have to hunt for it. Recognise it by its pink tips and pale skin.



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