In season

May 21

Put custard apples and Tuscan kale on the shopping list this week, along with pears, pomegranate and broccoli.

In now:
Custard apples are jade green when ripe. Buy them to eat fresh as storing them in the fridge will cause black spots on the skin. The spotting doesn’t affect the flavour, but looks a bit grim. Fruit available now is from Queensland and as the weather cools the harvest will shift to northern NSW. Custard apples will be in season through winter.

At its best: Curly kale has been ubiquitous this year and as the weather cools dark green Tuscan kale, also called cavolo nero, joins the harvest. Use Tuscan kale as you would silver beet or spinach. It’s not as watery as either and takes a bit longer to cook. Try it blanched and then dressed with a fruity olive oil.

Best buy: Sydney-grown broccoli is in peak supply.

In the vegie patch: Find a sunny fertile spot for a handful of silver beet or rainbow chard plants either in the vegie patch or the flower border. Sow seed or plant seedlings. Use an organic liquid fertiliser every fortnight to boost growth and harvest leaves as you need them.

What else:

  • pears are sensational
  • poach some quinces
  • the best varieties of pomegranate are being harvested
  • black-skinned hass avocado and green-skinned shepard are both good




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