In season

May 14

In now: Jerusalem artichokes, no relation to globe artichokes, are root vegetables with a sweet, nutty flavour. They are knobbly little tubers and a pain to peel. Fortunately, peeling isn’t necessary so long as you scrub them really well. I like them best roasted, though they are also good braised. More on the shopping list…

At its best:  The cauliflowers coming from Bathurst are delicious.

Best buy: Baby oranges scratched by leaves and twigs blown about by heavy winds develop brown scars as the fruit grows. Most of the scarred fruit is thinned out, but some remains and is harvested. This fruit is often sold off cheap and is a good buy as though it doesn’t look pretty, the wind scarring doesn’t affect flavour.

In the vegie patch: Plant a new crop of parsley to provide for winter salads.

What else:

  • don’t bother with what’s left of the plums unless you find a bargain for jamming or stewing
  • loving the new season packham pears
  • roast pumpkin with everything
  • all the asparagus is imported



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